Principal Message

Aundh Shikshan Mandal, Aundh a brand name for quality education was established in the year 1898. We are driven by the values, aspirations and ideologies of our founder member, His highness, Raja Shripatrao Pantapratinidhi,(Maharaj).College work with a mission to impart education to those who have been kept out of purview of education and elevate their intellectual and overall personality. Her Highness Chairman,Gayatridevi Pantapratinidhi, Ranisaheb is committed to spread education for welfare of the masses. Since its inception, the college has been striving with uncompromising dedication to enhance the spread of education among the downtrodden, deprived and the needy students from the rural area.

Hon.Ajitdada Pawar Saheb former Dy. Chief Minister ,Govt. of Maharashtra, whose entrepreneurial administrative skills, coordination, new dynamism and his vision have brought marginal change. He is working relentlessly to take our institution to the great heights of the growth and excellence.

In the beginning, our senior students welcomed to the junior students. It was a very loving and warm mutual understanding. We organize tree plantation activities, skills oriented courses, Value education, competitive examinations and career guidance center, helps to motivates and guide our youth for preparation of competitive examinations. Our college conducts outreach certificate courses on ‘Basic of Remote Sensing, GIS and GNSS’ of Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO), Department of Space, Government of India. Foundation of VivekVahini in our college creates positiveand constructive development ofscientific attitude and rational thinking keeping away superstitions and belief. We organize National and State Level Seminars / Conferences, Speeches of well-known personalities. Our sports students win gold and bronze medals in National, Stateand Inter-university level. Sports building, Badminton Hall is constructed with international standard.

It is observed that, modern youth has become the prey victim to many evil things, If the true asset of nation is spoiled in this way what will be the future of nation,? So, we have held several activities for counseling the youth for healthy life in the NSS camps.

College is the plat form of reflecting colorful fathoms of our enthusiastic youth. It voices their dreams aspirations and ambitions. The present ageis ofglobalization, informationtechnology and of liberalization emerging with several unique challenges. With traditional education system we cannot meet these novel challenges. anticipations these challenges. The Chairman and dynamic architect of AundhShikshanMandal,our guide Hon’ble Gayatridevi Pantpratinidi(Ranisaheb) always cherished new concepts in education. We motivated our students for several activities. We offer training to our students in English Proficiency and personality development short term course sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. Realizing the value of women empowerment our students organized self-protecting training camp for girl ‘Man –building ‘remains our eternal mission. the intellect blended with humanity for the future of the great nation is our goal. I am confident that we will fulfill it with perfect dedication

The college have three dreams, When I had joined my duties as Principal, which taken shape as vision and transformed in as missions.

1. Research laboratory recognition for M.Phil./Ph.D. research work from Shivaji University

2. PG course, M Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) for meritorious students from rural area, have been fully realized

3. To obtain, A+ grade by NAAC during, re-accreditation proses

Friends, I was enthusiastically welcomed by Member of Royal family, Hon. Gayatridevi Pantpratinidhi(Ranisaheb). This is a highly existential and immemorial moment to me; I will carry with me until the end. This Aundh Sansthan (State) is packed with history and spiritualism.

Hon’ble late, Shripatrao Bhagwantrao Pantpratinidhi(Maharaj), believes in the supreme value of education as central tool in the fight against poverty. The achievement of growth and empowerment of women. Therefore he established, Rjashripatrao Bagawantrao Mahavidyalaya in 1994, and opened the doors of High Education for rural students of Aundh State. He believes in “the fundamental cure to poverty is not food, but education,My friends, the battle of today is malnutrition against poverty, against discrimination, against hunger and deprivation against imbalance and excess of market forces.

In conclusion, let me share with you the essence of the BhagwatGeeta, I quote, ‘The past was pleasant, the present is undoubtedly sweet and the future will definitely be splendid.

Dr. S R Bamane